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Personal Trainer in London City

Kitti is a specialised Physique and Lifestyle Coach, sponsored professional athlete and Fitness Model. She has an increasingly impressive portfolio with 5 years of experience training clients and competing at one of the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding and fitness events, The World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc (WBFF). 2014 saw Kitti fulfilling one of her greatest goals by making her stage debut at the WBFF UK championship in London. She took first place in the Bikini category and received her official WBFF Pro Card.

Kitti believes that health and fitness is a lifestyle choice. Female strength and fat loss is a passion and she not only enjoys pushing clients beyond their limits, but the ultimate goal is to educate her clients, so that achieving better body composition becomes a lifestyle for the future, not just a ‘fad diet’ or an unsustainable mission to get a “bikini body.”

As an athlete, Kitti knows how to train her body and mind and she specializes in translating daunting physical science into a simple, enjoyable and rewarding way of life.

Personal Trainer/ Lifestyle Coach
Fitness Model
NutriStrength Ambassador