Since a very young age Jorge knew that sports would always be part of his life. Throughout his teens and early twenties he took part in track and field athletics, junior body building and martial arts, all of which left him with a deep understanding of training principles.

Jorge came to London from Portugal in the early 90’s, driven to become a coach and to transfer his knowledge to others. In 2001, he started his journey at one of the most prestigious health clubs in the city, Holmes Place, Moorgate.

He worked as a freelance PT in various studios in the city. He is now excited to be working with the team at activate plus.

Over the years, Jorge’s passion for giving clients the best possible service and helping them to achieve results has encouraged him to further his education through some of the world leaders in the industry.

His focus is to educate and to improve clients performance levels, body composition and structural balance.

Take one look at Jorge and you know you are looking at a dedicated trainer.

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  • Personal trainer award (YMCA)
  • Remedial & sports massage therapist (LSSM)
  • Biomechanics & rehabilitation exercise coach (ITS)
  • Precision nutrition coach level 1
  • Holistic lifestyle coach (CHEK)
  • Strength & condition coach level 1 (PICP)
  • Bodybuilding & contest preparation ( IAPC)
  • Olympic weightlifting coach (OLF)
  • Boxing & Muay Thai coach (WKA)
  • Boot camp advance fitness coach